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Workshops Introducing Traditional Tibetan Thangka Painting, usually runs for a weekend where student learn the meanings and the practice of drawing and painting the Face of Buda. Longer workshops of a week long retreat or 6 weekends, for a full simple and complete thangka.

Her workshops agenda are mostly in Brazil and South America, though of any center, group or space wish to contact her about workshops, feel free contacting her directly at:

Workshops in Creative and Intuitive Immersions and private Creative Painting, also contact her directly for agendas outside Brazil.

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Workshops Schedule

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A Brush with Emptiness and the Art of Being Embodied

October 04, 2019

A Brush with Emptiness and
the Art of Being Embodied
with Alok Hsu Kwang-han and Tiffani Gyatso
Oct. 4-6, 2019, Sedona Arts Center, Arizona.

Alok and Tiffani will guide us to return to the natural embodiment of our creative intelligence prior to thought. They will inspire us to become intimate and comfortable with not knowing and to give space for the communion of our body-brush to dance from emptiness. No prior experience with painting or with Zen is necessary.

Each morning Tiffani will lead us in a one-hour meditation that combines movement, stillness, and awareness. Relaxing deeply and resting in a spacious presence that is naturally joyful, we become more available to being “present, available, playful and not-knowing”, our methodless-method of Zen creativity. Throughout the workshop she will guide us through exercises or dance to evolve our art of being embodied.

Then Alok will serve everyone very good tea from his home province in China. The subtle delight and alertness of drinking tea together softly strengthens our collective energy field that holds us aware and safe and prepares us for the adventure of painting by “resting in presence and moving from emptiness.”

We paint, from “emptiness”, mainly empty of the control and direction of the ego self and its false sense of security! Repeatedly we discover when the separate self is not holding forth, creativity happens on its own! “I” don’t have to “do” it. Instead of looking for a vision of what to paint and how to paint it, we become aware of a “readiness” in our embodied presence. When that’s there we allow the body-brush to move from emptiness.

Through painting from emptiness, we discover new ways of thinking and approach to life. We take time to share our paintings in gentle and humorous ways as we learn from and with each other.

Alok Teaching Zen Creativity and the Art of Life from Alok Hsu Kwang-han on Vimeo.

TUITION: $650 (includes a set of materials for each student to keep)

Payment Options: Students may pay in full or choose the payment-plan option during registration. The payment plan requires a non-refundable $125 deposit with the balance due 30 days before the first day of the workshop.

Tibetan Thangka Painting

January 01, 2020


At Pure Land Farms, Topanga, California

Saturday and Sunday October 19th - 20th: 9AM - 5PM

In this 2 day workshop we will be introduced to the symbolism of tantric imagery and the practice of meditation through sacred painting. We will start with the Yangchenma’s face, the guardian of the arts, inspiration and creativity to be followed as a path to liberation.

After the theoretic introduction, we will start with the drawing of her face following the traditional geometric proportions considering her spiritual anatomy which remind us of our own qualities in a practice of presence and focus. After learning about the proportions and doing our drawing, we will begin with the basics of tibetan painting, with wet and dry shading, finalising it with contour and golden details.

After this wonderful weekend together, you will take home a symbol of your own devoted presence with Yangchenma’s beautiful soft smile and gazing eyes

This course is introductory and anyone with or without art skills, is welcome to join if you feel motivated to use art as a support for meditation, presence and devotion.


October 28, 2019




If you are a heART centered woman who loves horses, adventure and art join Judy Schneider and Tiffani Gyatso for a creative 6 – Day  Transformational retreat

Have you been drawn to the creative arts, but questioned if you could even draw a straight line?

Through personal exploration with the horses, you’ll re-ground yourself and discover how art is a wonderful way for your creativity to flow beyond a straight line!

Feeling a bit disconnected from yourself?

You’ll be invited to follow what you feel in your body as you liberate your energy on a blank canvas through large beautiful strokes as if you embodied a wild horse.

Does your inner critic creep in and try to tame your vision, passion and desires?

By following your intuition and letting go of reason, you’ll stop fighting yourself and be able to create a life well lived through the soft colors of your beloved heart horse.

At times, do you feel that you’re not being heard and frequently misunderstood?

Through your time with the horses you’ll develop an ease in communicating your wants and needs with a new sense of clarity and confidence.

Do you have a desire to live a larger life and feel like something is missing?

Together, we’ll dig deep to find your special inner alchemy and support you as you gallop away with a new sense of inner freedom through creative expression.

Do you feel a spiritual connection to horses and curious how you can bring this to life?

To connect with the horse is to remember who you are so you can fully express your true essence. You’ll be guided to identify the textures and energy of each emotion allowing for the rich transformative process through free painting, collages, writing and mixed media. 

About Rancho de La Osa

As you enter Ranchos de la Osa, your home away from home, you’ll feel the spaciousness of Arizona’s most historic ranch nestled in a private setting allowing for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Enjoy daily farm to table Southwestern style cuisine in a beautiful dining area or outside surrounded by fresh desert wildflowers and a view to die for!

The lovely communal living room with overstuffed chairs is perfect for reading, journaling and creative contemplation after a full day with the horses.

Venturing outside as the sun sets will bring a calmness to your soul. You’ll hear the love songs of the myriad of birds that call Rancho de la Osa home. And of course, don’t forget about the sweet nickers of the horses!

Tibetan Thangka Buddhist Painting Retreat - the Buda.

September 15, 2018

Thangka Retreat at the Omega Center, Rhinebeck, NY​, USA

In this 5-day workshop Tiffani Gyatso introduces you to thangka, a Tibetan art form of painting Buddhist icons on canvas, and shows you how it can be used as a supportive tool in meditation and self-discovery.

You begin by exploring the sacred imagery of the Tibetan pantheon of deities, learning about the symbols, and discovering how they can guide you to refine your vision and intention. You then move to practice by making the canvas: stitching, stretching, and layering natural plaster over cotton. Creating a thangka surface requires time and dedication, which aligns mind and body for the drawing and, finally, the painting of Buddha Shakyamuni. You follow the practice of sacred arts with prayers and mantras to enhance self-discipline, devotion, and concentration.

Throughout the week you go through all of the stages of creating a traditional thangka painting, and leave with a new and unique practice. Know more here. 

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