Personalized Comissions

If you haven’t found what you were looking for in “Works for Sale”, but you like my paintings, let me know what you envision for your wall. Share with me your vision, ideas and wishes and let me feel your energy and envision your painting! Write me directly: and if you like we can also connect thru Skype!


How does it work?

Send me images of a painting you liked, it can be one of mine or of any other reference of colour and shape or ideas you’ve seen. Trust, express, let it come just for you!




Exemple 1: “My Path is an Open Space”

One client really liked this painting I’ve done in 2011 (below), but size was too big. She asked me if i could make something inspired in it and have something that really “danced with joy.

In a few weeks we took our time to connect with her vision and my suggestions. 

So, quickly it came out like this (fotos below) and sent in a hard plastic tube to United States and she sent to a framer shop to do the final framing strict work. Done that was in her house dancing with joy!

Exemple 3: “Medicine Buda Thangka”

Traditionally a Thangka (sacred tibetan buddhist icon) was made only base on commission, so the artist could focus on the practitioner or institution’s intention. Here the client let me know the subject and the size he wished for his acupuncture room and near the offerings there are little needles in reference to his healing profession. 

Thangkas have its deities and symbols all predefined, though color tones, landscape and personal details can all be discussed which each person’s purpose.

Let me know your wish, contact me:

Exemple 2: “Shiva Family”

This client would like to have some of my painting in her Yoga studio, but with a subject i haven’t done before. She sent me images she found in the internet which inspired her. I got the subject and let it express on my own style. She trusted, let it flow and let it be surprised with something made just for her!

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Tiffani Gyatso

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