Mundos Suspensos

“Worlds in suspension”


Gallery Matéria plástica
Opening Oct. 11 2014 to Nov. 11
Brasília, Brazil 


The series “Worlds in suspension”, are paintings done on newspapers, most from Asia: India, Dharamsala (tibetan), Myanmar, Cambodja, China, Japan, Thailand and also Germany, USA, Brazil and Mexico. The interest i started having in newspapers and old books, was manly on its different calligraphies, distinct on each country. Since i cannot read them in other languages, my eyes enjoy the beauty of its shapes. After many years having collected papers, i started painting them as an attempt to give my meaning - my reading. To work on the surface of a newspaper is very different from a blank one. The shape of the words, the news’ columns and eventual pictures, brings me something, which the blank gives it in  a neutral way. Each news page is different, even not reading it, it brings a feeling, it brings a memory of my own travels, it brings me back the worlds suspended in my memories and a world which i wish for.



Newspaper is considered a cheap paper. It tells news about people’s life, but each day all that ‘history’ is thrown away. I ask myself - are our lives so transitory and meaningless? Can’t we recicle it too? Give it a new meaning, new colors, new possibilities without throwing it away? Because of too many things being offered in our lives, we became a discardable society, where our food, clothes, packings and specially friendships and love affairs are becoming each time more transitory then ever - it so difficult to stay still with what we’ve got and what is being offered (also on the newspapers). So ‘renewing’ on newspaper, is renewing the significance and values of all we have in our life. We might not have to look to the next journal of next day, we might just have new eyes, new vision. 




© 2015 Tiffani Gyatso

Tiffani Gyatso

Atelier YabYum

Extrema, MG


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