Mystic Nostalgia


Exhibited at the Tibet House Gallery NY, New York, from 14th June to 29th August 2012.


>Vídeo where the artist talks about the series


These paintings took birth from an inner process of trying to find answers for those things with no name. The constant feeling of 'something' lacking... which is unknown. We search for that inside the most unexplainable places: dark holes, open empty spaces, claustrophobic places, inside us, outside us, inside another one... it's not about an euphoric state of mind and not of rejecting the natural pain man feels, but accepting all what is manifested with equanimity specially in front of the inconsistent waves of emotions and misinterpretations of what is real or constructed by illusions. It's through wisdom and compassion to deal with all what is manifested in front of us, with serenity. Nothing being bad and nothing being good - just is. 


Most paintings came from a broken heart trying to deal with illusions and passions basing thought and action on the buddhist dharma teachings - adopting a vision of spiritual practice throgh all what happens in deep turmoil of samsara. 


© 2015 Tiffani Gyatso

Tiffani Gyatso

Atelier YabYum

Extrema, MG


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