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Male Boddhisatvas

  • Traditionally, Thangkas are commissioned according to the client’s practice or specific need. A Thangka is a sacred icon, with the aim to support buddhist practice. Though, one does not need to be a buddhist to commission a thangka painting. A thangka is for everyone who likes to have the blessings of a sacred image.

    Each deity in a thangka, follows predefined measurements and symbols. The artist have limited creation while doing it. Though each artist can personalise his painting with more decoration details and color tones. 

    Thangkas are made on canvas with high quality acrylic paint. 

    They can also be made on neutral cotton paper (for people who like to frame them with glass)

    Prices are base in the size and complexity of each subject. Sending by post the final work is not included. See below for more details. 

    Prices are exemples of the common sizes - but any size can be ordered.

    You need to contact the artist for commission:

    Budas (Sakyamuni, Medicine Buda, Samantabhadra)
    Small: (ca.32x22 cm) :  US$200
    Med. (ca. 50x40cm) :  US$330
    Large. (ca. 100x70cm) : US$ 800

    Male and female Bodisatvas: Tara, Vajrasatva (com ou sem consorte), Manjushri, Chenrezig, Guru Rimpoche, Prajnaparamita… 
    Small: (ca.32x22 cm) :  US$300
    Med. (ca. 50x40cm) :  US$500
    Large. (ca. 100x70cm) :  US$1.000

    Wrathful Deidades
    Small: (ca.32x22 cm) : US$400
    Med. (ca. 50x40cm) : US$ 550
    Large. (ca. 100x70cm) : US$ 1.300


    Sets as The Wheel of Life, Guru Rimpoche and his 8 Manifestations, The 21 Taras, Avalokteshvara with 1000 arms, the 5 Djana Budas and other complex imagery, please contact the artist for more description and analises. 

    Payment: Paypal (+ paypal taxes)

    Posting: international post with insurance costs around US$50. 

    Cancelations: after the payment is done, there are no cancelation. 

    Framing: traditional cloth brocade framing is not included. If the client likes to have it traditionally framed, the artist can send it to professionals in India with the cost payed directly to the framer there. 

    To order contact:


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