Life and Thangka
In Search of Knowledge through Tibetan Sacred Arts
Publish by the LTWA 2005. New 2015 Edition in ibook version. 


“This is a sacred art, a path which can lead you to enlightenment.” 
When a Mongolian lama whispered these words to her, she realized this was the path she was meant to follow. Tiffani Gyatso was born in Brazil in 1981. Her spiritual search took her from an alternative community and life on a sailboat off the coast of Brazil, to an aboriginal reserve in Australia, the Russian wilderness and finally to the Mongolian steppes, where she saw her first Thangka. Following the advice of a Mongolian lama, she went to Dharamsala in northern India, the seat of HH the Dalai Lama in exile, where she was the first Western student accepted by the Norbulingka Institute, the world’s leading center for the preservation of Tibetan culture. Life and Thangka describes, with humor and sensitivity, the arduous and inspiring path of an apprentice struggling with the art of Thangka painting – learning from the Tibetan masters, conquering her doubts and fears, and meeting the Sacred along the way. 



A Roda da Vida

Book by Lama Padma Samten. Hard Cover. Full page size images of the mural paintings by Tiffani Gyatso from the temple Caminho do Meio, RS.

* In Portuguese. 

Dakini ART Project

PRINTS of Tiffani's works and other artists - By the Dakini Project. 

Comission a special Painting according to your vision or a Thangka - see here in details about comissioning a Work of Art by Tiffani Gyatso.

© 2015 Tiffani Gyatso

Tiffani Gyatso

Atelier YabYum

Extrema, MG


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