Thangka Online – 4 modules. Individual.
Via email, texts, images, youtube and skype with Tiffani Gyatso.



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  • To all artists levels and aspirants

  • Each student has its own trajectory, motivation, time and abilities. Teachings are individual and flexible to try to fit best each student interest, following the module guidelines.

  • This is an art specific from Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. You do not have to be Buddhist to learn it, though your intention, motivation and energy must be moved by the spiritual quest and dharma study. Without this, learning such art can be very difficult and frustrating, as it requires a lot of dedication, time and focus. I do practice continuously this art since 2003 and I will be happy to guide you step by step, remembering that the main effort is from the student.

  • E-mail and skype communication as needed. Prices are per modules.

  • Exercises will follow as the students deliver each previous one with satisfactory results and can be inscribed at the next level, only if previous one is complete. 





Module 1 – The Buda : drawing

Price: US$180 (paypal)


  • Historic, practical and technical theory.

  • The Proportions

  • Buda’s face drawing

  • Buda’s body

  • Buda’s clothed body



Module 2 – Pencil, brush and the elements of landscape

Price: US$180 (paypal)


  • Brush and Ink exercises

  • Animals and symbols. Reviewing drawing and ink.

  • Brush and Ink exercises on landscape elements

  • Buda ink


Final test: Monochromatic drawing of Buda, with landscape all contoured with ink.




Module 3 – Painting

Price: US$220



  • Wet shading

  • Dry shading

  • Drawing and painting of clouds

  • Drawing and paint of lotus throne

  • Drawing and paint of parts of Buda’s face: eyes and lips


Final test: Complete Buda’s face with colours




Module 4, final - Complete Buda Thangka

Price: US$220


All previous exercises will be reviewed and student will be oriented into composition and all process of the thangka from the very beginning.

Recommendation is to have this last module, in person if possible. Tiffani offers annually thangka retreats in her studio at the Retiro Tao Tien in Extrema, MG, Brazil. Details can be talked about.





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