"Mystic Nostalgia" Tibet House US show 2012


Presenting the spirit of the works showed in the exhibition Mystic Nostalgia at the Tibet Hoise US gallery, New York, 2012.

CEBB' Temple painting process

A short video about the 5 years of the project that Tiffani and her team, painted and decorated a tibetan buddhist temple in Viamao, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. The temple is called CEBB (Centro de Estudos Budistas Bodisatvas) guided by the brazilian professor, Lama Padma Samten. 


Nearly every year, Tiffani guides groups mostly to India and Nepal, for people interested about learning with the tibetan and indian thangka masters, besides having a wonderful artistic view from the whole trip. You can know more on the link Art Trip.

Dakini as Art


Published by the Project Dakini as Art ( http://dakiniasart.org/ ), Tiffani contemplates the spiritual path of the artist in the traditional and in the in modern world. 

"Sublime Worlds" Tibet House US show 2015


Making of, of the works to be showed at the Tibet House US gallery, New York. Opening Oct.23 to Dec.22 - 2015

Interview about life, art, path and education

Interview made by Condor Blanco Organization, in Chile.
* Interview in portuguese.


Moving from Emptiness - a Zen workshop - Tiffani Gyatso and Alok Hsu Kwang-Han 

By Oct. 2015, Tiffani Gyatso meets the zen master Alok for an intensive private workshop in his studio in Sedona, Arizona, USA. Be inspired by the sacred expression of pure spirit of being!

Painting Process in 4min.

Watch this painting be made with the intuitive and joyfull energy of the artist. To be inspired!